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Meet King County Assessor John Wilson

When King County voters elected John Wilson in 2015, he promised to be an “activist Assessor.” He has been. John fought to protect senior homeowners from soaring values, make it easier to get your refund, and see how much that ballot measure is going to cost. 

But more should be done. That’s why he’s asking for your vote.

John will fight for a truly fair and equitable property tax system. We’re in a housing crisis. Housing affordability threatens everyone – whether homeowners, seniors, renters, or small business owners. Our homeless crisis leaves women, children, and men to sleep out on the street because there is no room in the shelter. 

An “activist” Assessor can help. Wilson has gone twice to Olympia to fight for property tax relief for reform seniors, SSI disabled, and disabled vets. Now thousands of our neighbors can stay in their homes. 

Responding to our homelessness crisis, he found surplus public and vacant private property which can be used for housing. John will push to have those identified the lands put it to use.

John has been a tireless taxpayer champion. Homeowners, renters, and small businesses deserve a tax break. But our property tax system was never designed to handle annual double-digit assessed value increases – some as high as over 50%. Homeowners carry too much of that property tax burden. John is ready to fight to change that.

John is working with Assessors statewide to save everyday people real money without gutting vital local services.

John Wilson proud to be endorsed by people across the political spectrum, labor and business, and folks in Seattle and the suburbs. While much has been done, we must do more. Elect John Wilson.

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