Standing before a packed room of supporters at a breakfast event in Seattle this morning, King County Assessor John Wilson kicked off his campaign for a second term.

“As your Assessor I have two priorities,” said Wilson. “First, bring efficiency, fairness and innovation to the office. Second, advocate for policies that improve our tax system, address homelessness, and improve housing affordability. In my first term we have made great progress in both areas.”

Wilson is the former Deputy King County Assessor, and former Chief of Staff to County Executive Ron Sims. He also had a long and successful career as a journalist and public affairs consultant.

During Wilson’s first term he has:

  • Developed a Ground-Breaking Taxpayer Transparency Tool – This first-of-its-kind online tool allows taxpayers to see how much upcoming property tax ballot measures would impact their property taxes.
  • Brought Efficiencies and Innovation to The Department of Assessment and King County – Wilson spearheaded the first-of-its-kind mobile application for field work that dramatically increased productivity for DOA teams – allowing them to get more work done without adding 10 more staff positions.

As the steward of the property tax system, the King County Assessor can be a leader on issues involving housing and taxation. Durning his first term Wilson has advocated for:

  • Keeping Seniors in Their Homes – In Olympia Wilson has pushed for reform of the Senior Exemption Program for lower income older homeowners, the disabled and disabled veterans. Wilson mounted the most aggressive enrollment efforts in the Department’s history, bringing in close to 10,000 new applicants. In many cases, these exemptions make the difference in whether a senior will be able to stay in their home.
  • Helping solve our homelessness crisis – Wilson helped pass legislation making it easier to use surplus public property for housing, and his office has been a leader in the area of identifying these properties, and vacant private property, which can be used for modular transitional housing, or short-term shelter space.
  • Modernizing our Property Tax System – Wilson has advocated for major reforms, such as the Homestead Exemption to give homeowners a tax break and reduce our overreliance on the property tax.
  • Making Sure Everyone One is Counted – Due to his previous service on a US Census Bureau task force, Wilson understands how important it is to make sure everyone counts in the 2020 Census – which is why he has been fighting the Trump Administration’s misguided push to demand a citizenship question on the 2020 count.
  • Becoming A National Voice on Immigration Reform – As a member of a special National Association of Counties Task Force on Immigration reform, Wilson is now a leading advocate among large counties for sensible immigration reform.

Wilson concluded, “My first term has been one of accomplishment and progress, but there is more to do.  That’s is why I am asking for your vote for re-election. Thank you.”